4 Days 3 Nights

Fishing scene in Ayawaddy
Mandalay - the ancient royal capital of Burmese is one of the worthiest highlights of this country. If you knew a sparkling Yangon or an over imagination Bagan, Mandalay should be your next stop. Owning a fabulous looking, Mandalay seems like a fairy with the longest wooden bridge, golden Mandalay hill or the river of irrawaddy. Everything appears in this city is in the same situation and shines as a symphony. Myanmar 4 Day Tour is a suitable option to take you a round trip to experience all of selected highlights of Mandalay.

Brief: Mandalay Palace - Relic Tower - Kuthodaw Pagoda - Mandalay Hill - Thayatbain Village - Irrawaddy River - Swanooponnyashin Pagoda
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The first day: Mandalay city tour

You will be welcomed by the tour guide in Myanmar and the car at the bus station or airport. You will join in the personal tour in Mandalay and explore the cultural capital of Myanmar in the same way with a local. The first day will start at Mandalay Palace. It is very large; therefore, you should as the tour guide to pay a visit to Relic Tower and Royal Mausoleums before the big groups come. After that, we move to Kuthodaw Pagoda in which you can largest book of the world and the sparkling stupa.

You are going to spend the afternoon to climb up the steps to the peak of Mandalay Hill. You should ask your tour guide the suitable route depending on your fitness level before starting. You are highly recommended to visit a wish-granting pagoda namely Sutaungpyei. When it gets dark, you will go down after catching the sight of the spectacular view. Then you will be served the favorite rice noodles with meat sauce named Meeshay.

You will stay the night at a hotel in Mandalay (not include meals).

Royal Mausoleum, Myanmar
Royal Mausoleums

The second day: Mandalay surrounding villages

In this morning, you will wake up in the 2nd biggest city of Myanmar. This city is rich in local culture and ancient with royal remainder. The second day will be a trip to some of the most figurative villages in Mandalay by bike or A/C. First, we are going to reach Thayatbain Village which is well-known for its ordinary locals and brick-making and then the Arlong Village. In Thayatbain, the spectacular view of green big gardens along with the fresh air will make you feel energetic. After that, we travel to Nantawkyun Village which has the tomb of queen in Kongboung Dynasty and ancient broken palace. Across the Irrawaddy River – the longest one of Myanmar which witnesses the difficult life of the people is the Mingun Village. The next destination is Thonezepay Village. We will have lunch here and then passing by the river by ferry to Mingun. It is an ancient village which is older than Mandalay. It is well-known for Myatheindan Zedi an uncompleted pagoda with damaged lion statue and the biggest bell of the world. Next, we will continue to arrive in the religious Sagaing City which has 400 nunneries and monasteries. We are going to the peak of Sagaing Hill to enjoy the Irrawaddy scene in Swanooponnyashin Pagoda. After that, we will come back to Mandalay and stay in a hotel here (with breakfast).

Padoda in Mandalay, Myanmar  Irrawaddy fishing in Myanmar
Pagoda in Mandalay and Irrawaddy River – the longest one of Myanmar 


The third day: Visiting Irrawaddy and fishing trip

We will move to the wharf after having breakfast and take a 3-hour cruise on the river heading to the fishing villages. The ideal time for doing fishing with dolphins is in the late afternoon or in the early morning. 2 fishermen from the village will come with the net and start rowing in the river. They use the paddle to make the sound calling dolphins. These animals can realize this sound and are very friendly. They help the fishermen to find other fish by raising their tail and flapping the water. When noticing this signal, men will shoot the net to catch the fish. The majority is in the net and some of them are captured by the dolphins. This activity symbolizes for the cooperation between dolphins and fishermen. After admiring this amazing activity, we will drop in on the villages along the river bank, relish lunch and dinner and stay the night on the boat.

 Irrawaddy - the dolphin of Mekong River.
Dolphin amazing activity

The last day: Moving back to Mandalay

In this morning, we will return to the center of Mandalay. Before traveling to the airport, you are free to enjoy the specialty of Burma cuisine or go shopping. This is the end of our service. There will not including accommodation but having a breakfast. End of 4 day tour in Mandalay, Myanmar.